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INTER-NOTE: Your Sheet Music Online shop

Welcome to our online shop. The scores you order from Inter-Note will be printed "on demand" and delivered to your address. You can decide, if you like to order our single editions/Music collections, or if you like to use our online tool to make your own compilations. With this unique tool you can get your individual music books, containig only the pieces you really need! Browse through our stock, preview the complete scores, prelisten a great number of the works available in our shop.

The pricing system is very simple: you just pay 0,40 € per page!

The new way of buying sheet music: INTER-NOTE Printing on demand

At the moment our stocks consists of 3.353 Works containing 25.891 pages of over 400 composers!

You can choose from a huge fund of classical music – Our searching functions help you to find and to combine the desired titles. Our repertoire consists of newly typeset music which meet modern standards of Urtext editions as well as of Reprints (Scans) of historical editions of various proveniance. Furthermore, also Faksimiles (manuscripts) will be entered in our stock in the near future.

What ever originals you prefer: you can compile it for your own volume as you like!

The works compiled by you are immediately printed and bound by us and will be dispatched in a short period of time (2-5 working days, depending on the dispatch type) in the desired number of copies (also as a single copy!).

And you'll get all this at s surprisingly low price! We only charge 30 Euro Cents per page. This price is independent of content and quantity. With every order under 30 Euro there’ll be an extra fee for packaging, posting and handling.

You couldn't find your piece of music? You can order it anyway: send us an enquiry. The complete stock of the works available at inter note is much larger than the stock which is trackable online in the moment. Only a short time after your enquiry we will put online the pieces you ask for.
And if we shouldn't have this yet: Our team of typesetters will provide the piece you require for in a short time!

As an EXTRA-SERVICE, we also offer 3 free downloads every week!!!



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At the moment our stock consists of 3,686 Works musical works from 522 composers containing 31,066 pages!